• Robotic Lights Out Manufacturing Machine

    Robotic Lights Out Manufacturing

  • CNC Punching Machine

    CNC Punching

  • CNC Precision Forming Machine

    CNC Precision Forming

  • Laser and Plasma Cutting Process

    Laser & Plasma Cutting

  • Metal Worker Welding Product



At R.R. LeDuc Corporation, we strive to give you the best quality products the industry can provide. Our capabilities are state-of-the-art and our company is constantly searching for new technology to improve sheet metal fabrication and powder coating.

Robotic Lights Out Manufacturing

Amada EMK3610NT CNC Punch Press with ASR Multi Shelf Sheet Loader:
The 3610NT utilizes a 58 station thick turret servo driven punch equipped with ASR Sheet Loader/Unloader. This allows for multiple programs to run unassisted facilitating lights out production seven days a week, twenty four hours a day.

Amada Astro 100NT Automated Bending Robot:
Using the latest in automated technologies, the Astro is the answer for forming parts unassisted. Automated tool changing allows sequencing of multiple programs. Load the Astro Forming Cell with multiple jobs & walk away!

Laser & Plasma Cutting

Amada LCG3015 AJ 6000 Watt Fiber Laser with AMS 3015 CL Sheet Loader:
Capable of cutting steel from 0.010" to 1.000" and aluminum/stainless/brass/copper from 0.010" to 0.500" thick. The LCG3015 is second to none for accuracy & edge quality.

Komatsu Fine Plasma G9120-II:
Featuring a 5'x10' cutting surface, this system is capable of processing 0.75" thick steel.

CNC Punching

Amada EM3610NT CNC Punch Press:
Along with lights out manufacturing, this machine will allow mass production of high quality accurate parts.

Trumatic 260T CNC Punching/Contouring:
Manually fed and are capable of punching up to .187" thick material.

CNC Precision Forming

Forming capabilities include six machines, all of which are high-end, multi axis gauging enhanced with the latest tooling and crowning features.

  • Amada Astro 100NT: Automated Bending Robot
  • Bystronic PR150X3100: 150 ton press with 10' bed
  • Amada HDS-8025NT: 80 ton press with 8' bed
  • Accupress 725012: 250 ton press with 12' bed
  • Accupress 71008: 100 ton press with 8' bed
  • RAS Flexibend: Panel bender with 10' bed


We have experienced welders certified to AWS D1-1 thru D1-3 running Miller 350/351 TIG machines and a host of Miller MIG machines. You will find steel, stainless steel & aluminum being processed in eight 20"x15" welding stations.

Resistance/Spot Welding

Amanda D40ST:
Our resistance welding (spot welding) capabilities have recently been updated to include the Amada D40ST. With a max welding power of 257KVA, we are capable of joining two sheets of 0.125" thick aluminum while exceeding the requirements for MIL-W-6858D.

Taylor Winfield 75KVA:
Expands our capabilities to include steel, stainless steel and galvanized.

Fastener Installation/Pemming

Pemserter Series 2000:
We have 3 of these machines that feature an auto feeding mechanism and a fully programmable touch screen interface that assists the operator in both sequence and counts to increase productivity and assures quality.

Pemserter Series 4:
Manually fed machines complete the pemming cell.


WEBB 5' Power Roll:
Rolls steel, stainless steel and aluminum up to 0.250" thick with a minimum diameter of 12"

Lown B400 4' Power Roll:
Rolls steel, stainless steel and aluminum up to 0.125" thick with a minimum diameter of 6"

Powder Coating

Our powder coating system begins with a five stage pretreatment process and receives a titration control assessment twice each day to ensure an optimal chemical balance and water purity.This maintenance process facilitates superior cleaning and maximum adhesion. The pretreatment system is built entirely from 304 stainless steel and PVC to resist corrosion and minimize organic and inorganic contamination.


Value added assembly helps us offer our customers a more turn-key solution. Lock sets, drawer slides, hinges, decals and casters are just some of the things we will assemble to your products. In many cases, your product is packaged complete & drop shipped to your customers.


With a dedicated multi-cell finishing department, parts will be prepared for coating applications and/or polished to any number of finish types, according to the customer's specifications. These processes include weld grinding, sanding, blending, graining and polishing.

Our Finishing Machines:

  • AEM 301-37MD
  • Timesaver Series 22000 Dry Grinding/Deburring machine
  • UltraMatic PD111 wet media vibrating tumbler (36"x36"x28" deep)

Wide Belt Finishing
Parts can be quickly deburred of any sharp edges and finished with the use of our wide belt finishing machines.


All of our quoting includes delivery to your facility. Whether parts are large or small, our fleet of trucks is ready to handle your delivery.