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R.R. LeDuc Corporation offers a complete range of in-house metal finishing capabilities including conveyorized powder coating.

Powder coating has the advantage of providing an exceptional appearance and durable finish that is cost effective, efficient and offers maximum compliance with environmental regulations.

Our powder coating system begins with a five stage pretreatment process and receives a titration control assessment twice each day, to ensure an optimal chemical balance and water purity. This maintenance process facilitates superior cleaning and maximum adhesion. The pretreatment system is built entirely from 304 stainless steel and PVC to resist corrosion and minimize organic and inorganic contamination.

Parts are hung and transported via an overhead monorail conveyor through the pretreatment system before being dried off and sent into the self contained, environmentally controlled application room. The parts will be sent through one of two roll-on, roll-off powder application booths where the charged powder adheres to the various grounded sheet metal products.

The cure oven temperature is analyzed and maintained through oven profiling to ensure a proper cure of the powder. In addition to these quality assurance programs, our powder is kept in an in-house environmentally controlled storage unit.